Its contract explanation
can do Revocation instruction right of revocation the customer within two weeks without indication of reasons in text form (e.g. Letter, E-Mail) or by return of the thing recall. The period begins at the earliest with receipt of this instruction. For keeping the punctual sending off of the revocation or the thing meets the period of revocation.

The revocation is to arrange on:

Name/company: Stoppe Becker GbR

address: Fischerweg 37, 56235 Ransbach Baumbach


E-Mail address:

(Internet address:)

Revocation sequences
In case of an effective revocation are to be refunded on both sides received achievements and if necessary. pulled uses (e.g. To give change interest). Does not know if the customer Stoppe Becker GbR the received achievement totally or partly or only in worsened condition to refund, must it Stoppe Becker GbR to that extent if necessary. It only original-packed and taken sealed DVDs or CDs back. Indemnification according to value carry out. During the hiring of things this does not apply, if the degradation of the thing exclusive on their examination – as she would have been possible the customer for instance in the offline shop – to lead back is. In all other respects the customer can avoid the indemnification according to value obligation, by taking the thing not like an owner in use and omitting everything, which impairs their value. Things package-capable of being shipped are to be sent back. During a return from a goods delivery, whose purchase order value amounts to altogether up to 40 EUR/ 55 US Dollar, the customer has to bear the cost of the return, if the supplied commodity corresponds to the ordered. Otherwise the return for the customer is free.

Special references
The right of revocation of the customer expires prematurely, if the contracting party of the customer began with the execution of the service with express agreement of the customer before end of the period of revocation or the customer arranged these (e.g. by Download etc.).